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Talent Channels – 3 Ways to Save More Time and Source More Candidates

Talent Channels – 3 Ways to Save More Time and Source More Candidates

Recruiters are always trying to get more out of everything – more leads, more contacts, more calls, and more interviews.  We work to maximize our time and our network to fill our requisitions and move on to the next set of challenges.  We sometimes can’t see the forest for the trees – I find that I sometimes become so busy making calls and filling out fields in Taleo that I don’t properly grow and expand the relationships that will make my diversity, university, and veteran pipelines grow and my job that much easier.  Good recruiters are very efficient, but there is never enough time in a day.  An effective way to increase productivity is to optimize what you already have in place. If you’ve been asked to grow a diversity channel for your organization, you may find yourself thinking:  I can’t squeeze blood from a stone.  I would encourage you to instead ask: Which stone am I going to squeeze that blood from?

Turn to your existing talent channels.

  • Leverage networks within your current talent channels that support your efforts. Do you have a strong veteran pool of candidates? Did you know that over 30% of all transitioning military include job seekers who are minorities, women, and people with disabilities?  Student Veterans of America has chapters at colleges and universities all over the United States and is an excellent source of student veterans in all fields who are interested in internships, co-ops, and entry-level positions.  The National Naval Officers Association “actively supports the U. S. Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard in the recruitment, development and retention of an Officer Corps that represents the diversity of our great nation,” and is an excellent military group to connect with to find diverse, managerial talent.
  • Source candidates from your talent partners that meet your diversity needs. The Service Academy Career Conference and Military MOJO are an excellent source of transitioning military officers, NCOs, and technicians and represent the diverse leadership pool of the United States military.  The Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers has an extremely strong national university recruiting program as well as seven regions that focus on university recruiting within their regions.
  • Focus on referrals from recent hires to increase your recruiting efficiency and find great candidates. The easiest place to find great candidates is to ask your current standouts.  Ensure that you stay in touch with your past university, diversity, or veteran hires, invite them to recruiting events, and ask them to help you find other great candidates.  A strong referral network will help you quickly find the best candidates and target those candidates you need most.

The way to hire the best candidates is to spend more time on the candidates you know are the best.  With a little planning and homework you can invest your time wisely to source candidates from your most productive talent and referral networks, saving resources and money in your search for the next generation of talent.

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