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About Us

Matthew Brogdon
Matthew Brogdon Founder

Matthew Brogdon founded Pathfinder Consulting in 2009 to serve an unmet need in the Talent Acquisition and Human Resources arena.  There were many veteran advocacy groups focused on recruiting and preparing military candidates for civilian positions, but there were very few companies who served the corporate market, helping corporate America attract, recruit, and retain the next generation of talent they sought from the veteran community.  Matt created Pathfinder Consulting to serve this community of corporate recruiting and human resources professionals and greatly increase the demand of veterans in the marketplace.  Our clients have included companies and organizations from the defense, technical, manufacturing, logistics, service, and finance industries and academia.

After creating and working in successful veteran programs in the biotech and tech industries, Matt expanded Pathfinder Consulting’s service offerings to include university relations and diversity hiring program expertise.

With over 15 years of experience we stand ready to grow your talent pipeline for your company’s next generation of leadership.