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Client Services

Pathfinder Consulting specializes in Talent Strategy and Human Capital management solutions with Branding, Marketing, Recruiting, and Retention services for our corporate clients.  We focus on building strong employee recruiting and retention programs in the military/veteran, university, and diversity space.  Partnering  with small, medium, and large companies, we bring on the right people at the right time.

Services We Provide

Employer Branding, Marketing and Market Positioning

  • Understanding Your Target Candidates and Where They Come From
  • Profiling University, Diversity, and Veteran Candidates – Who Do You Need To Find
  • Creating a Story That Will Resonate with Your Target Audience
  • Understanding Where Your Company Is In the Market and Who You Can Attract (and Afford)

Potential Employee Value Proposition

  • Which Aspects of Your Company Resonate with Your Target Audience – Millenial, Diversity, and Veteran Candidates
  • How Employees Can Realize Their Potential Through Your Company

Recruiting Process Improvement and Training

  • Evaluating Military Candidates and Resumes
  • Interviewing Military Candidates
  • Creating a Great Candidate Recruiting Experience
  • Integrating Diversity into your Recruiting Process

Onboarding Experience and New Hire Orientation

  • Onboarding Process Pitfalls – Recognize the Individual
  • Orientation is More Than Just Workspace and Benefits

Employee Resource Groups

  • Creating Employee Resource Groups
  • The Business Case for Employee Resource Groups – ROI

Employee Retention

  • Mentorship
  • Working Hard to Keep Those Candidates You Worked So Hard For