Hesperus is a United States non-profit organization dedicated to serving the Native American community

Hesperus provides pathways to education and employment for members of rural and tribal communities. We partner with technology corporations, educational institutions, and government to provide technology support for these communities as well. We are dedicated to supporting underserved populations, with a focus on veterans, including Native American veterans and their families, and creating educational and employment opportunities across the United States through skills training, workforce development, and technology.

Data Points For American Indian and Alaska Native (AIAN) Military and Veterans

Gender Breakdown of AIAN Veterans

AIAN Female Veterans

Total Amount of AIAN Veterans

Our goal at Hesperus is to empower Native American veterans to assume the next generation of leadership in the Native American community through academic success, employment and career opportunities, personal and professional mentorship, and strong leadership development.

Our program’s vision is to cultivate principled Native American leaders of character who integrate traditional and cultural values into their professional careers and in their leadership roles serving their communities and nation.

Hesperus will launch its first education project, the Summit Program, in 2021.  The Summit Program is an IT training program, in partnership with National University, for Native American veterans focusing on training transitioning service members and veterans for entry level jobs in the IT industry.  The program includes tuition, equipment, and mentorship to educate, employ, and transition Native American veterans as they enter the IT sector.


Photo by the American Indian Science and Engineering Society


Photo by the American Indian Science and Engineering Society


Photo by the American Indian Science and Engineering Society

Matt Brogdon is an Air Force Academy graduate and an Army veteran with over 20 years of recruiting, placement, and leadership experience.  He has spent the last 7 years in the top biotech and tech companies including Microsoft placing veterans into the tech sector and focused on creating training pathways for underserved groups to find careers in the IT industry.  Matt founded Hesperus to create opportunities to serve the Native American community, especially Native American veterans, their families, and the AIAN community.

For more info or to learn more about Hesperus please call or email Matt:

Email – mbrogdon@pathfindervets.com
Phone – 619.807.3123